In February 2014 I was in Tampa Bay, Florida checking out the Gasparilla ½ marathon expo with my father-in-law and we came upon a booth that had lots of excitement and people gathered around.  I saw the colorful bracelets on the table and the workers doing muscle testing on customers.  Quick to judge I walked away and didn’t want to deal with the scammers, to my surprise my father-in-law didn’t follow me when I walked away.  I turned around to see him in the middle of the group chatting it up with one of the girls working the booth.


I went back and stood behind him, I was a little annoyed that he has fallen for this and as I listened in on what the girl was telling him.  All I heard was bla bla bla science junk.  Then I was talked into doing a balance test.  I was determined to make sure I proved her wrong, this test was not going to work on me, I said to myself. Shoot! The first time it worked. I told her to do it again I was going to really be strong this time, and not let it work. Oh no it worked again.  Okay again, and again.  I made the girl test me about 10 times before I had given up and realized it was working. ***I was careful to watch her technique to make sure, she was pushing in the same spot every time and also pushing straight down. (Other companies have been known to cheat the test, giving negative ion bracelets a bad reputation) 


As stubborn as I am, I still walked away from the booth empty handed and had to do a little research, checking on my phone to make sure the company had a website and reading about bracelets.  My father-in-law and I continued to walk through the expo and talked about the Root Balance booth.  When we were done we went back to the booth to have her test us yet again.  We walked away with 2 bracelets.


I am such a skeptic!  When we got back to the hotel we started testing each other over and over and over and over again. We could not make it NOT work, it was insane! This little Tiffany blue band on my wrist was really doing something.  I sat down and decided to read the box, the box said it also helped flexibility.  I know that I can’t touch my toes; I have always been 2-3 inches away. I attempted without the bracelet, then again with and once again this little accessory proved to work! I was touching the floor. To make sure this wasn’t just in my head I did this to myself a few more times, and it worked every time for me.  Now I can finally say that I believed in this product.


As directed I went to the website and registered my product.  While on the website I saw a place that said become a dealer.  I clicked and read all about it and called the company. After a few days I ordered some product and became a Root Balance dealer.  When the bracelets arrived I packed them up and put them in my suitcase as we were traveling to Australia for a barefoot waterski tournament. 


I found that people would ask me about the band on my wrist quite often. I never mentioned it to anyone, unless they asked me about it.  It was amazing.  I showed all types of people and all of them were just as excited about it as I was and still am.


Arriving back in the USA I was low on stock, I did some calculations and talking with family and decided I was going to ask the owner if he had any interest in selling the whole Root Balance company.  It didn’t take long and after a few meetings as of May 7th 2014 I am the new owner of Root Balance, LLC. We appreciate all of your love and support!


~ Lauren St. Onge


Written by Lauren St. Onge — May 20, 2014

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