A common question we are asked, "how should it fit?" The Root Balance band simply has to touch your skin in order to work.  Yes, thats all, it ONLY has to come into contact with your skin! It does not need to be super tight cutting off your circulation or so loose that it looks like its falling off.   We recommend  that it fits comfortably, whatever comfortable means to you:)


Either way however it feels comfortable to you, is just fine.  The band works just as long as the silicone is touching the skin.  In our eyes if its on your wrist or ankle, it must be touching therefore its working!  Some people like to wear them like bangles that slide up and down the arm, others prefer to have them sit exactly where a watch would be and move very little, and a few customers like to wear them on the ankle.  


To our furry friends: Many pet owners purchase and X-Small band and attach it to the collar of the cat or dog.


Written by Root Balance — September 10, 2014

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