Beware of Negative Ion Bands

Unfortunately there are many scammers out there that sell products that have no health benefits whatsoever. Many have fake claims, and usually lack any sort of scientific evidence to back up these claims. 

Ionic Balance bands are different to other silicone bracelets for example the yellow Lance Armstong bands. Most bracelets don't contain any negative ion emitting ingredients. This is why the media is has so much to talk about  with so called "scam" bracelets. The companies that do produce negative ion bracelets, most will try to put as little tourmaline or negative ion emitting ingredients as possible. This not only saves money but still allows them to claim they are selling a product that has negative ions, when there is so little negative ions in the band that it is almost pointless. On the other end of the spectrum Root Balance has taken the opposite approach where we try to fill as much tourmaline into our wristbands as we possibly can without damaging the functionality of the band. 


Simply search "Power Band scam" and you will find many articles on silicone bands. Please notice that none of the articles are aimed at negative ion bands. A mylar holographic silicone band is much cheaper to produce than a negative ion wristband, because they do not contain any negative ion emitting properties.


Trust who you buy from:) 

Written by Root Balance — September 23, 2014

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