Balance Bracelets

Balance Bands from ROOTBALANCE™ provide a performance advantage that trumps typical balance, strength and flexibility testing. While there are dozens of power bands available on the market today, only ROOTBALANCE™ offers the unique benefits of our strength, supplying up to 5,000cc of negative ions, making us the WORLD'S STRONGEST BALANCE BAND!

The ROOTBALANCE™ bracelet provides the energy boost you need in the daytime and the balancing effects of ion normalization to produce restful, rejuvenating sleep at night. It is surgical grade silicone, so you don’t even realize you are wearing it, you can swim, shower, and sleep with it on. Negative Ion Technology from ROOTBALANCE™ is simple, but fashionable enough to wear anywhere. They make wonderful gifts and reassure your friends and family that you care about their health and prosperity.